9 ways to keep your mortgage payments low

Mortgage payment: Your biggest expense You can clip coupons to reduce grocery bill. You can bring a bag lunch to work. And you can skip your daily latte to tweak your budget. But the biggest bite out of your paycheck is probably your mortgage payment. Whether you are about to buy your first home, or [...]

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Financial Planning is Crucial for Home Buying

Whether you’re thinking of buying a home or not, financial planning and saving are always important. Before you begin looking for your dream home, you should have already begun planning financially. Lenders approve loans to buyers based on their credit, income, assets, job history, and debt-to-income ratio. Debt-to-income ratios are comprised of your monthly debts, [...]

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Simple Mortgage Definitions: Mortgage Escrow And PITI

What Is A Mortgage Escrow Mortgage escrow is when a mortgaged homeowner sends 1/12 of its annual real estate tax bill and hazard insurance premium to its mortgage lender each month along with the regularly scheduled mortgage payment. The lender collects mortgage escrow payments monthly, then distributes them to the homeowner's county assessor and insurance company semi-annually, [...]

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5 steps to take before making an offer

Buying a home is different than making other purchases. You can shop and buy most products the same day, even big-ticket items like cars. Not so with a house. The process is longer, and there are steps every buyer should take before looking in earnest.Home buyers who do the upfront work are rewarded with a better [...]

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Escrow: All You Need to Know

It’s one of the nitty-gritty details you’ll stumble upon when buying a home: the escrow account. And you probably won’t encounter one again anytime soon, at least until you buy your next house. An escrow account is money held by a third party until all legally required conditions have been met. That trusted third party [...]

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Why It’s Finally Easier to Get a New Mortgage

After the housing crisis, mortgage lending standards became unreasonably tight for many. In 2014, only 51% of refi applications went through, according to mortgage-software company Ellie Mae, and one that didn't gained notoriety: That year Ben Bernanke said he was turned down when he tried to refinance the mortgage on his Washington, D.C., home shortly [...]

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Don’t let student loans keep you from buying a home

Student loans: a reality check It can be hard to think about buying a home when you’re still paying off student loans. The idea of taking on more debt can be daunting, especially if you are far from the student debt payoff finish line. Research: student loans exceed annual income Data show that most millennials are [...]

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Requirements When Selling

The following are required when selling Residential and Commercial Buildings   Report of Residential Property Records (Form 9 or RPR) Section 96.300 L.A.M.C. requires that the seller of Residential Property within the City of Los Angeles shall apply to the City for a report of Residential Property Records and Pending Special Assessment Liens (.pdf or online) and deliver such report [...]

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7 Best Things About Buying A House In The Fall

For the first time in recent history, October surpassed June as the most popular month to get married. And these autumn-loving brides may be on to something: Although the spring months are notoriously the best time to buy real estate (as well as have a wedding), fall may be the new ideal season to buy a [...]

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3 Crucial Reasons You Should Buy a Home Before 2017 Ends

Buying a house in 2017 will feel kind of like you've jumped onto the subway just as the doors were closing. Your heart's pounding and you're winded from the race, but you made it—just in time. OK, so maybe that's a little exaggerated. But here's the thing: Interest rates have begun to rise and will likely climb [...]

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