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Here at Paramount Escrow Services, Inc. we have a full staff that are knowledgeable in FHA, VA, Conventional and Private loans.

Hours of operation:

  • Monday-Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: By appointment only

We do not close for lunch as it is of utmost importance for us to be available to our Clients at all times throughout the day!

Was looking for a notary for a grant deed. We found Paramount online and stopped by as we were in a hurry. Though we did not need any Escrow services their staff demonstrated supereb customer service in just attending my mother, brother and I as we waited for their notary. We were greeted by a very friendly and attentive women name Martha J. Martha listen too all our needs and concerns with geniune interest. She did a great job and very gracious with the fees. A good experience that I thought was a one time stop for me.

Unfortuantely the escrow officer who prepared our paper work made a couple of mistakes in the verbage and a bit picky clerk recorder had me returning to all the parties involved. So I found myself back at Paramount to have a notary form completed. Once again their staff was outstanding and truly an EXAMPLE of quality customer service. A+ from their warmth to their smiles. I totally recommend to check them out for your real estate needs in Anaheim and I was so pleased with their customer service that they are worth a drive. Martha is A+. Thank you Martha and Paramount, may God bless your business. Excellent Customer Service is a dying practice but Paramount shows how its done right.  Thank You!

Edward G.

I had escrow papers that were emailed to me from the sale of my mothers estate. They were emailed to me and all I was told was which ones to sign and notarize. I reached out to Paramount as they were so close to me and they were so willing to notarize my papers and did even  more by explaining certain docs that I was unclear about. Sandra gave me service that I should have received from the escrow company that created this paperwork and did it without hesitation. You walk into their office and it immediately feels warm and welcoming. Everyone is kind and warm especially Sandra. She was very professional, personable, warm and friendly. I went from feeling overwhelmed and emotional to leaving there relieved and almost myself again. If I have to do this again, I will only use them. PS, I will be purchasing a cabin soon…

Irene P.

I used their services regarding my refinancing on my home with my bank. Deseree assisted me with the signing of my final paperwork. She was very professional and patient. She also answered all of my questions. I also called back the following week to ask her a question and regards she was very pleasant and even called me back to let me know the transaction was finalized.

Jessica D.

Great service.  Very professional and responsive. I would get responses to all questions promptly.  They are great and easy to work with. Thanks.

Mike G.

I have worked with many escrow companies over the past several years.  Martha Jiminez was terrific.  Everything arrived just as it should and the ball was NEVER dropped on any item. PERIOD.  I would not hesitate to use them again.  No junk fees at the last minute. If you are busy and need someone you can depend on this is the place.

Lorna D.